Triumph Tees, a faith apparel brand, is built on the scripture 2 Corinthians 2:14, emphasizing God's will for believers to always triumph.

Collection: New Arrivals

New Arrival of Christian Statement T-Shirts & Hoodies

Looking for a way to share your faith with the world? Check out our newest collection of Christian statement t-shirts and hoodies. These tees and hoodies are perfect for believers who want to make a bold declaration of their love for Jesus. With trendy designs and powerful messages, these pieces of Christian clothing will get you noticed and start some great conversations about your faith. Whether you're wearing them to church, school, or around town, our t-shirts and hoodies are sure to get you noticed and help spread the good news about Jesus Christ.

Shop our New Arrival of Statement Christian Apparel

These shirts and hoodies are perfect for believers who want to show their pride in their faith. With bold statements like "It's the Coffee and Jesus for Me" and "All Day I Triumph", these shirts are sure to start some conversations. So don't be shy, let your light shine with our new Christian statement t-shirts and hoodies!